Who we are and what we can do

TUD (‘TUD’) offers a complete platform of integrated financial services and offers partners with the necessary instruments for reaching performance in public administration.

We offer our partners a variety of financial analysis services, financial forecasts, liquidity of the debt services, reporting and monitoring of European projects (reimbursable and / or non-reimbursable), with financial structures which are adaptable to each project / program.

of public investments

We provide professional consultancy in order to purchase the proper financial instruments for the investment projects.

investment networks

We act as a connector between the local administration and potential investors, bu supplying information and know-how, thus increasing the investment opportunity.

financial management

In view of a better access of public authorities to the necessary resources for optimizing the financial management and increasing own funds.

Maximization of energy efficiency

By identifying new opportunities, we support local authorities to implement projects that aim at increasing energy efficiency.


03rd of January 2019

Support for Bucharest 1st District City Hall for the first project of modernization of 900 elevators in thermally insulated apartment buildings

TUD Group offers Bucharest 1st District City Hall consultancy and evaluation services for the first project of modernization of 901 […]
19th of December 2018

TUD launches at the National Forum AAPRO 2018 the challenge of applying an ethics code for youngsters in the public administration

TUD Group participated as official partner at the 2018 edition of Forumului Național al Asociației Administratorilor Publici din România/National Forum […]

This project is financed through the research and innovation program of the European Union, Horizon 2020, under the financing agreement No. 696040